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Hello Demon - Band & Album bio

On October 1, 2016 Martha Jane & the Talisman released the band’s debut album Hello Demon.

The album is produced by sound guru Attie Bauw (o.a. De Staat, Raccoon, Judas Priest, The Scorpions) and recorded in the Bullet Sound Studios (NL).

The collective wish of the band and Attie was to make an album that would not yield to the usual production hurries, but with an eye for detail and an old school production.

And they succeeded! In the studio there was time for abundant experimenting. Ideas and songs received time to mature and flourish. 

The result is a wayward, mystical and raw record: an alternative mix of blues, grunge and country music. Musically the band is inspired by The Black Keys, Tom Waits, Jack White, PJ Harvey andNirvana on one hand and on the other hand by Lee Dorsey, Otis Redding, Nina Simone en Ike &Tina Turner. 


Martha Jane Settler grows up in The Middle of Nowhere. With the blues, country and old myths of the country side in the pocket she describes her encounters with the demons that appear to live in the big city. When guitarist Maarten van der Grinten crosses her path, an adventure starts -of writing and working out songs.

Martha Jane: “When we put our worlds together, it brought pure magic. We catch the ideas that are floating in the air and we turn it into a song.”


The different background of both musicians provides the remarkable melange of musical styles, the freedom and adventure of jazz, the love for a good song with content and head and tail. The sound of Hello Demon is blues oriented, not the least through the unpolished, deep vocals of Martha Jane and the extensive use of dobro and slide by Van der Grinten. A poetic mixture with raw American roots.


With the resulting repertoire Martha Jane and Maarten founded the band Martha Jane & the Talisman, with Sun Mi Hong on drums and Mark Haanstra on bass. Martha Jane is the frontwoman and the magic -the talisman- appears when the band starts to play.


The collaboration with producer Attie Bauw is characterized by synergy, adventure and experiment. Maarten: “Attie is open-minded and very analytical. For us it was the first time to experience that a producer is that much involved in the actual musical content. He is a like a film director in an audio landscape that he seems to visualize in his head. He managed to bring out the rich world we created in a wonderful way.” Martha Jane adds: “We really have been painting with Attie in this album. The song are all made carefully compact, but when we perform live, we like to improvise. We connect with our audience through energy, melody, grooves and musical freedom. A good song is free, just like you and me. A gig of Martha Jane & the Talisman makes you dance and stimulates your imagination. I hope our music offers you an alternative view on the world and it kisses your fantasy awake.


In summary, Hello Demon is an album with colorful music and imaginative lyrics, carried by a bluesy groove. The title refers to the diverse shapes people and situations as well, can take on.

Martha Jane: “You can welcome a demon and embrace him as an old friend. But you may also let him take you by surprise or let him seduce you.”


Demons - single

On September 1 the second single of Martha Jane & the Talisman was released. It is the single edit of the first track of side B of the upcoming album Hello Demon.

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Grab It - Single

On May 1 the first single of Martha Jane & the Talisman was released. It is the first single previewing the upcoming album Hello Demon.

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